Chaplaincy Chat from Cranbrook Church

Chaplaincy Chat from Cranbrook Church:

There’s always plenty going on in Cranbrook and we’ve certainly been busy
since the last Link publication.

The Messy Church team joined forces with the Cranbrook Town Council and Scout Groups to put on a fabulous day of
fun to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

You really can’t beat cream teas, games, entertainment and craft all in the one space.

Our team welcomed the many families in attendance to make crowns and flags and everyone had the opportunity to contribute to a large collage. So wonderful to chat about life, church and invite new families to join our monthly sessions. (We hold Messy Church on the 3rd Sunday of every month.)

St. Martin’s School held a week of activities to mark the Jubilee, including a special Pop-Up Prayer event on their nurture bus. A special space full of
prayer activities based on faithfulness to introduce the children to prayer. Four stations were set up based around Pete Greig’s teaching on prayer: P –to pause, R – to rejoice, A – to ask and Y to yield or say Yes! Children from 4- 11 had the opportunity to use the space and its success means we will set up more Pop-Up prayer events throughout the school year. But perhaps the most exciting part of our year is about to begin.

This month we welcome the Revs Jon and Lydia Holder and their daughter, Rae, as they move into Cranbrook over the next few weeks. Jon is our new Minister and we can’t wait to get to know them and to continue the journey of church here.

For any information about Cranbrook Church contact Jude:, visit East Clyst Churches website or search

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