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First of all, congratulations on becoming engaged! 

We are delighted to welcome couples who wish to be married in one of our churches. We take pride in making your day special. We’ll help you plan the service so that you and your guests will enjoy the experience. We’ll do everything we can to help you prepare for your marriage as thoroughly and as completely as we can. We will help to make it a deeply spiritual and happy celebration.

The first step is to confirm you have the right to be married in one of our churches. If one of you lives within the parish boundary, or if you are a regular worshipper and on our membership list you may be married in that church. In addition, if you or your family fulfils one of the following criteria, then you can be married in one of our parish churches:

For more information, the legal stuff, and more help in organizing a church wedding, please visit the Church of England’s Website or contact the Church Office. 

Once you have checked you are eligible to be married in one of our churches, the next step is to contact the Church Office to make an appointment to meet with one of our clergy to talk through the date you have in mind and to start to plan your ceremony. Please do not make any firm bookings with reception venues until you have met with one of our clergy.

To ensure the marriage complies with both UK Civil and Church law, there are certain aspects of a church wedding that must be fulfilled.

You must be old enough

If you are under 18 years old you will need your parents’ consent to marry and by law you cannot be married in the UK until you are 16.

Time of wedding

To be legal the wedding must take place between 8am and 6pm on any day. Within East Clyst Churches we do not hold Wedding ceremonies on a Sunday and whilst a ceremony can be on a weekday (depending on clergy/church availability) the presence of a choir and bell-ringers, as applicable, cannot be guaranteed.

Weddings after Divorce

There are special guidelines on marriage in the church if you are divorced. Please contact the Church Office to arrange to talk one of our clergy about your situation.

Reading of Banns

Banns are an announcement in church of your intention to marry and a chance for anyone to put forward a reason why the marriage may not lawfully take place. Banns need to be read in the parish where each of you lives as well as the parish church in which you are to be married, if that is somewhere else.


For the latest fees for a Church Wedding please contact us for a chat. When you book we do ask for a £100 non refundable deposit. This ensures your reservation for that time, date and church. 

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