Knowing your onions brings you closer to God.

My grandfather lived to ninety-five years on a diet of snuff, homemade beer and fried breakfasts. Well, that isn’t exactly true but as a child it certainly seemed that way. For many years my grandparents lived next door to us in a flat my Dad built on the side of our house and for decades

I am a racist and you probably are to (A reflection on the death of George Floyd)

I am a racist and you probably are to. Part of the role of a priest is to ‘preach a positive’, that does not mean every sermon has to be relentlessly happy but it does mean when we preach folks should feel challenged but also lifted, after all that is what the Gospels are, the

Facing our Monsters!

Facing our monsters. What are your monsters? When I was a child I remember watching Doctor Who, I loved the programme but as the opening credits would start to roll and the music ramped up one thing always happened: ‘Mum! Mum, it’s starting!’ Mum needed to sit with me to watch it with me because

The Show Must Go On?

Few people in the UK can have missed the recent gathering of world leaders down in Cornwall for the G7 summit, it was not just a political gathering it was a full-on performance, with carefully staged photo opportunities and shows of national pride and strength. From posing as a happy group on the beach, to

How would you feel if your parish church shut?

Hello my friends, As many of your will know our parishes  are part of something called a mission community, that is a group of churches sharing a priest and working together, up until the beginning of April that was the Churches4all mission community composed of four churches, from the 1st of April it became the

Our Community Is Expanding

Hello my friends, I am sitting writing this on the 20th January in a room piled high with boxes, our house in in total chaos and a trip from one room to another feels like an obstacles course. Why? Well because in less than two days we are moving and so we are in full